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Data Storage


Horizon Track understands that information is customer’s most valuable asset. Having an efficient and comprehensive data storage plan is essential to safeguarding customer information.

Whether it is through backup and duplication, primary storage, infrastructure-as-a-service or cloud backup, Horizon Track will help design and implement a data storage and backup strategy to optimize customer systems and lower your TCO (total cost of ownership).

Primary Storage

All data is not created equal. Horizon Track can help its customers to design and implement a comprehensive data storage that will optimize their systems and lower their total cost of ownership. Our unified storage solutions combine top performance, efficiency, protection, and simplicity. Utilizing leading technologies, Horizon Track delivers best-of-breed technologies and processes to support its customer’s business requirements. Horizon Track’s primary storage solution provides premium data protection and recovers while simplifying storage management, boosting storage efficiency, and enhancing overall storage performance. In addition, by implementing Horizon Track’s primary storage solution our customer will be cutting storage costs and reducing downtime.

Backup & Deduplication

Horizon Track recognizes that great care should be taken when designing customer protection strategy. Even a few minutes of irrecoverable data can lead to lost revenue and clients. We will help our customers to design a smarter way to backup and store their data through backup and deduplication solution. Leveraging our strategic partnership with our worldwide venders, Horizon Track will deliver the most cost-effective data backup solutions available that meets customer’s business needs. Horizon Track’s Backup and Deduplication Solution provides one-step data recovery delivering faster backups with superior storage efficiency and flexible deployment. In addition, Customer will execute a data storage solution that decreases backup costs, eliminates the complicity of large tape systems and lowers traditional backup TCO (total cost of ownership).

Cloud Backup

Facing the challenge of protecting ever-increasing amounts of data with a tightening IT budget is a common obstacle for businesses of all sizes. Traditional backup and restoration systems are often costly, slow inefficient, and frustrating. Horizon Track’s Cloud Backup Solution offers a cost-effective, flexible, fast, secure, and easy to use alternative. Horizon Track’s cloud backup enables its customers to retrieve his information from anywhere, at any time while protecting against network outages or disasters, significantly lowering costs, allowing flexible upload and backup schedules, and eliminating hardware maintenance hassles.